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Send Us a Voice Message

Community Voices is the part of the podcast where we get to showcase thoughts and insights from the broader community. Sometimes this has been reactions audience members have had to the conversations we’re having on the podcast, themes seen in the text, ideas people have about production, or elements we overlooked. It can also be theater professionals sharing their insights of what is has been like to work on these productions, theater educators talking about how the podcast has been used in their classrooms, or anyone talking about the state of theater today.


Regardless of what the message is, we love hearing the thoughts, insights, and ideas of our listeners. Not only is it fun and fascinating, it also allows us to be in conversation with you and deepen our understanding both of the text and what is possible in theater today.  To send us a voice message, record a voice memo on your phone and email it to us at and remember to keep your messages under two minutes in order to fit in the time we have available for this segment!

What We're Looking for in a Voice Message:

  • Share your thoughts on what you think a play is about and how a deeper reading and analysis of the text brought you to this conclusion.

  • Share your ideas about what you would like to do with a production and/or why you think a play is particularly relevant to audiences today (or audiences once we start being audiences again).

  • Please tell us your Hot Takes on the play.

  • Feel free to respond to our ideas whether you agree with them or not -- we all have our own aesthetic and we are eager to include as many ideas as possible in conversation with you.

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Tips for Recording a Great Voice Message:

  • Make sure you're somewhere quiet.  Any background noise at all (even if you are in your car) can make a recording difficult to use.

  • Two minutes is not a lot of time, so please think through what you want to say in advance (don't be afraid to write an outline out of what you want to say, Jennifer does it all the time!)

  • Please tell us your Hot Takes on the play.

  • In case you forget to say it in your message, please let us know what your name is and how to pronounce it in your email (or let us know that you would prefer to remain anonymous).

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