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Show Format

Every episode Ricardo and Jennifer will explore a new text from a variety of angles:
Hot Takes 
  • Jennifer and Ricardo (and any guests they have on the show) will start each episode by answering the following 5 questions about the play:

    • What do you think is the best thing about the show?

    • What do you see as the biggest problem with the text?

    • What is your favorite quote from the play?

    • If you were to work on this show, what production role would you want?

    • Which character in the play is the most like you?


  • ​Jennifer and Ricardo will take turns each episode testing each other on how well they read the text. 
    It's a fun way to review the plot so feel free to play along at home!


Analysis Section

  • ​Every play will be examined using one technique of text analysis as a way to become more familiar with the themes and structure of the work.  Get to understand the deeper meanings as Jennifer and Ricardo take listeners through progressively complex levels of play reading. 
    The list of techniques we will use can be found below. 

Dramaturgy Section

  • Between the analysis and idea sections, Jennifer and Ricardo will share one thing they ​looked up while reading the play and preparing for the show (all other dramaturgy will be made available on the patreon page for the podcast)

Show Discussion Section 

  • After talking about the plot and looking at the technical side of a text, Jennifer and Ricardo will discuss issues raised by the text, potential production ideas, give their artistic interpretations, and talk about the bigger questions brought up by the play that's being examined that episode.

​​Community Voices 

  • ​​Listeners are encouraged to send us a voice memo and share their ideas.  As we get different perspectives and interpretations of texts we will share them with our audience.

Wrap Up

  • Finally, each episode will end with the hosts answering the most important question anyone can answer in a play discussion: 
    What is this play about?

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