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Jennifer & Ricardo in Georgetown, Washginton DC



Plays were meant to be seen not read.  But before we can get to the “seen” part of the process, we actually need to read the plays first.  A lot of them.  To find out what we like, what we’re passionate about, what stories need to be told, and simply to learn what is possible.  Every student of theater has been told they need to read more plays.  Every theater artist knows they really should be reading more plays.  Even the layperson can broaden their appreciation and understanding of theater by reading more plays. 

Our podcast is here to help! 

Every episode theater artists Jennifer Sassaman and Ricardo Frederick Evans will look at one of the world’s most important and influential plays.  We’ll take a look at each text both through an analytic lens to get a deeper understanding of what the play is about, as well as explore an imaginative approach to consider the different ways that play could be brought to life.  So join us for some delightful and thought-provoking conversations as we READ MORE PLAYS.

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